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Dammarane sapogenin is the precious and rarest natural ingredient in ginseng. Usually, 100 kg of ginseng can only extract 1 gram of Sapogenins. However, we can extract more than 1 gram of Sapogenins through our Unique Patented Extraction Technology. The molecular weight of Sapogenins is only 462, enabling it to pass through "blood-brain barrier“ with ease, compared to other normal ginsenoside or health foods! Sapogenins are suitable for individual intolerant to ginseng (As Dammarane is not ginseng). Sapogenins are scientifically verified as the nature’s closest natural element to an elixir.

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达玛烷苷元(Dammarane sapogenins)是存在于人参当中的其中一种最珍稀的天然成分。一般而言,每100公斤的人参只能够萃取出1克的皂苷元(Sapogenins)。然而,得益于我们所掌握的独家专利萃取技术,我们能够提炼出多于1克的皂苷元。皂苷元的分子量只有462,使其相较于其它一般的人参皂苷或 保健食品,得以更轻易地穿过血脑屏障。皂苷元对于一些不适合服用人参的人群也非常友好(因为达玛烷不等同于人参)。经科学证实,皂苷元是自然界当中现存的 与酏剂最为接近的天然元素。


  • How it works:



    Sapogenins allow human body cells to 【Replenish, Rebuild, Regenerate】



    • Replenish:Replenish nutrients needed by cells
    • 补充::补充细胞所需的养分
    • Rebuild:Eliminate old and degenerate cells, rebuild healthy new cell
    • 重塑:排出老化和退化的细胞,制㐀健康的新细胞
    • Regenerate:Promote stem cell regeneration
    • 再生:促进干细胞的再生
  • Benefits:



    Efficacy of Sapogenins:


    • 【Cell Repair】: Repair at the source of diseases
    • 【细胞修复】: 于疾病根源开始进行修复
    • 【Cell Renewal】:Reverse, Restore, Renew cells
    • 【细胞焕新】:复原,恢复,更新
    • 【Autophagy】:Activate mechanism where cells decompose, recycle and reuse their own organelles
    • 【细胞自噬】:激活细胞对自身细胞器进行分解、循环利用的机制




  • Care Instruction:



    Anyone, except certain groups, who wants good health can take it. It is not recommended for women planning to get pregnant, women who are pregnant, breastfeeding mothers, those who on prescribed medication, and children below 12 years old. Strongly recommended that below group of people who want to improve the following conditions to consume Sapogenins:


    除特定群体外,本产品适合所有想要维持身体健康的人士食用。不建议以下人群食用:正在备孕的女性、孕妈妈、处于哺乳期的妈妈、具有相关药物避忌的人群、12 岁以下儿童。强烈推荐想要改善以下症状的人群服用皂苷元:


    • Fatigue
    • 疲劳
    • Dizzy
    • 晕眩
    • Insomnia and forgetfulness
    • 失眠和健忘
    • Body aches
    • 身体酸痛
    • Catch cold
    • 感冒
    • Stressful life
    • 压力大
    • Anaemia
    • 贫血
    • Back Pain
    • 背部疼痛
    • Hypertension
    • 高血压
    • Osteoporosis
    • 骨质疏松
    • Metabolic Diseases
    • 代谢综合症
    • Malignant Chronic Disease
    • 恶性慢性疾病
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    Who can consume Dammarane?
    Anyone over the age of 20 can consume Dammarane, especially for those who wants to support their health. However, this product is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women, or children under the age of 12. Please consult your doctor before use if you have, or have had, any health condition.
    Can Dammarane be taken for a long time?
    YES, Dammarane helps to reactivate the autophagy function of cells and regenerate stem cells continuously, thus it allowing us to improve our body system. Long-term use to serve anti-aging purposes.
    After consuming Dammarane, my body experiences unusual reactions such as severe pain at the old wound, or elevated blood pressure and glycemic index, should I stop consuming it?
    You are experiencing healing crisis, or improvement response. Do not worry as this is how Dammarane is repairing damaged cells in your body and improving overall health. It is recommended that you should continue to consume it and monitor your condition within 3 months, you would be able to see good results when the treatment is completed.
    How long will it take to see the effect?
    It varies from person to person as as everyone has a different condition. In general, people with sensitive physiques will experience significant improvement in about a week.
    Long-term use of Dammarane can improve all aspects of the body. Are there any side effects after stop taking it? Reaction? Dependency?
    No. Dammarane helps to reactivate and regeneration of autologous stem cells, thereby improving body functions. After stop taking it, there will be no side effects or adverse effects. Dammarane has no dependence; you may reduce the dosage or stop consuming after the condition has improved.
    您正在经历排毒反应,或者好转反应。别担心,这是达玛烷正在您体内修复受损细胞和改善整体健康状况的征兆。建议您应该继续服用,并在接下来的三个月内 持续监测自身状况,您将会在疗程结束后看到良好的效果。
    不会的,达玛烷有助于激活和促进人体干细胞的自体再生功能,从而提升身体机能。停用之后,并不会产生任何的副作用或不良反应。达玛烷也并不会让人体形 成依赖性,您可以在自身状况获得改善之后减少用量或停用。
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