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Liqua Spirulina


The world's first food with complete molecular nutrition The most authoritative nutritious food in the world for 30 years Thirty years of customer experience in various countries

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  • How it works:

    How It Works?

    Do you often feel that even if you take a lot of health supplements, Still no effect? Is the product nutritionally incomplete? Or the poor absorption rate leads to unsatisfactory curative effect?

    The above problems were solved thirty years ago Complete Molecular Nutrition (Spirulina Liquid) Eating one is called experience; Eat two, called improvement; Eating six sticks is called metamorphosis! Do not compare the effect with others, only compare with yourself, You will find that the effect is more and more obvious. There is no shortcut to health preservation, the most important thing is persistence!


    您是否经常感觉,即便自己已经摄取了很多健康保健品还是没什么效果?是产品在营养方面还不够完善吗?还是身体的吸收率不佳导 致治疗效果差强人意?

    T以上问题都在30年前就已经得到了解决。全面分子营养(螺旋藻液体)。吃一个是体验,吃两个是改善,吃6条就是变形记!无需与他人 的效果进行比较,只与你自己比较,你会发现效果越来越显著。保持健康没有捷径,持之以恒才是正道。!

  • Benefits:


    It helps:

    1. complete nutrition
    2. Molecular absorption rate is 97% higher
    3. Phytoactive Organic Nutrition
    4. safety inspection





    1. 全面营养
    2. 分子吸收率提升97%
    3. 植物活性有机营养
    4. 安全检测




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