Sanare Sleeping Mat

The Eostre Sanare Sleep Mat is a non-electric energy mattress made from high quality fabrics. Designed with innovative technology, the mattress forms compound energy to improve sleep quality and regulate your overall health.

How it works?

Eostre Sanare Sleep Mat contains 5 layers of beneficial materials.
  • Silver Ion Energy Thread

    Excellent antibacterial properties as silver ions are able to absorb microorganisms and stop the buildup of bacteria.

  • Far Infrared

    Effectively improves blood regulation in the human body during sleep, which enhances metabolism and reduces fatigue.

  • Nano Cotton

    A delicate and light comfortable layer that is dust-proof and anti-dust mite.

  • Water Vein Energy Textile

    Prevents harmful electromagnetic fields of water pulse waves from our body. The high-grade electrical insulation fabric can withstand a full range of high voltage loads preventing our body from getting paralysis and severe pain.

  • Nano Silver Textile

    A layer of pure silver which protects the human body from invasion of external pathogens and acts as a shield from electromagnetic wave radiation. It is anti-static and non-irritating to our skin

The Benefits

Convenient and Durable
Convenient and Durable
Antibacterial and Anti-Dust Mite
Antibacterial and Anti-Dust Mite
Enhances Sleep Quality
Enhances Sleep Quality
Relieves Human Body Fatigue
Improves Blodd Circulation
No Electronic Wave Radiation

The Eostre Sanare Sleep Mat

can be placed on top of your mattress or under the bed sheet.

Care Instructions:

How to clean your Eostre Sanare Sleep Mat

To clean, only use a soft and damp cloth to wipe the sleep mat

Refrain from washing your mat in the washing machine

Do not dry clean your mat


See Why Our Customers Love Sanare Sleeping Mat

The Eostre Senare Sleeping Mat has tremendously improved my sleeping quality. As someone who finds it difficult to sleep, the mat has been so helpful.

Jobby Lim

As someone who exercises frequently, I suffer from body aches and muscle pain. However, I realize that my body aches heal faster after using the Senare Sleep Mat to sleep. It is a good way to have a speedy recovery.


I love how the Senare Sleep Mat is antibacterial and anti-dust mite with the silver ion energy thread. I get to sleep peacefully knowing the mat isn’t filled with bacteria and cleaning the mat is so simple as I just need to wipe it with a damp cloth.

Michael Nyw


Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to

Certain people will shows improving reaction like ants crawling, itching, pain, numbness, mind tingling, etc. It’s normal for having these symptoms.

Do not use the Sanare Mattress as blanket when sleeping.

Do not use abrasive cleaners and washing machine to clean the Sanare Mattress, as these may destroy the mattress

Just use a soft damp cloth to wipe the mat.

No, do not dry-clean the mat and refrain from exposing it under direct sunlight as it will damage the mat.