Quantum Disc

Restore your body's harmony expressed in wellness and health

Wellness and health

Eostre Quantum Disc has a wide variety of applications to treat any living organism, having the ability to restore harmony expressed in wellness and health by means of its water content.

How it works?

Eostre Quantum Disc is a specially engineered glass with a geometric design.

Specially Engineered Glass

The Eostre Quantum disc is made out of powdered minerals that are infused using a fusion heat process to structurally bond the minerals at molecular levels.

Geometric Design

A science science that uses energy principles to neutrally balance energy in the biological systems and integrates its interaction with the environment.

The size and bevel angle

The Quantum Disc is designed uniquely to amplify its effects.

The Benefits

Enhances water
Enhances water
Improves sleep quality
Improves sleep quality
Extend shelf life of food and beverages
Extend shelf life of food and beverages
Improve your home and living environment
Hydrates skin
Alleviates muscle aches and pain

Ways to Use Quantum Disc

Run water through the Eostre Quantum Disc to enhance water to an ordered and energized state.

Drinking the water would increase hydration, support detoxification, increase cellular energy, and increase the bioavailability of nutrients into the body.

Wash Your Fruits and Vegetables with Water Enhanced by the Eostre Quantum Disc

To remove harmful compounds such as pesticides more effectively.

Place Your Food and Beverages on the Eostre Quantum Disc

It can increase shelf life and enhance its taste and potency.

Place four 500ml energized bottles with the use of Eostre Quantum Disc under the bed, and one bottle on the bedside table.

This creates an energy field which stops the effect that e-smog has in the body while sleeping.

Water your plants with the water treated by Eostre Quantum Disc

To increase the bioavailability of nutrients to the plants.



See Why Our Customers Love Quantum Disc
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The Eostre Quantum Disc is a life-saver when it comes to keeping my fruits and vegetables fresher for longer period of time. I don’t have to waste my groceries because they last longer and I no longer have to visit the supermarket so frequently. It’s the perfect thing to have in your kitchen!
Debbie Yee
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I absolutely love the Eostre Quantum Disc as it helps me energize my water and increases my hydration levels! It’s so helpful especially in the morning once I wake up as it makes me feel refreshed.

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The Eostre Quantum Disc is so amazing! It has so many functions. I initially bought it to keep my fruits and vegetables fresh but now I use it to energize my water, and put it in my bedroom to help me improve my sleep quality. It is so worth it!

Jian Tat

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to inquiry@eostre.com.my

Anyone can use a Quantum Disc.
The main function of Quantum Disc is to rejuvenate the molecular structures in all liquids and causes liquids to become more hydrated, taste better and extend shelf life. In addition, Quantum Disc can also be used in food products to enhance their nutritional value and taste, or used to increase body energy.

If you want to add energy into liquid, just place the Quantum Disc in it, and the energy will spin counter clockwise on its own and transfer it to the liquid. Alternatively, liquid can be poured onto the Disc to draw energy. In addition, the Quantum Disc also emits energy on its own, so it can be put in the refrigerator or carried with you to the energy.

The efficacy coverage area of the Quantum Disc is 5 square meters.

To clean it, add a small amount of mild soap to warm water and use a soft toothbrush to brush gently in circular motions, then rinse with water. If the dirt on the Quantum Disc is hard to remove, soak it in soapy water for 5-10 minutes before brushing with a toothbrush. Regular cleaning of your Quantum disc is recommended to prevent stubborn dirt.

Yes, you can place liquid foods such as soy sauce, juice, vinegar, coffee, milk, soup or sports drinks on top of the Quantum Disc to enhance the energy of liquids in 20 minutes.

The new molecular structure of the water will reduce or eliminate the smell, taste and odour of chlorine, yet the chlorine will still be effective.

You can drink it (make sure the water is boiled water or filtered water for direct drinking), watering plants or for pets to drink, energy water increase the bio-availability of nutrients which can make plants and pets healthier.

Yes, you can use the energy water with a steaming machine or a small humidifier to make your skin fresher and moisturized.

Yes, you can place the Quantum Disc in a humidifier and fill it with water and fragrance. The Quantum Disc will be energized and purified water and air, filling your room with more energy and transmute harmful frequencies into beneficial ones.

You can put Quantum Disc in the refrigerator to improve the nutritional value and shelf life of food, use water enhanced by the Quantum Disc to wash fruits and vegetables to remove harmful compounds like pesticides, or put food and beverages on top of Quantum Disc to enhance the taste.

You can carry the Quantum Disc with you in your pocket or bag, place it in a bath of water to help improve your body energy and aura.

You can place the Quantum Disc in the room and its energy will continue to emit. When you return to the room, you can feel the effect brought to you by the energy of the Quantum Disc.

You can place the Quantum Disc in the center of the bed, and the gentle frequencies in the Quantum Disc will eliminate the effect of electronic smog in the body. Alternatively, fill up 4 bottles of Energy Water charged by Quantum Disc and place it at four bed leg to absorb negative energy and emit positive energy.

Just reflect the sun rays through the Quantum Disc onto the area with pain, hold it 21 cm from the affected area and spin the disc counter clockwise.

Please avoid exposing the quantum disc to extreme temperatures, such as placing it under the sun or in the freezer of the refrigerator for a long time, which can cause damage or reduced efficacy of the Quantum Disc. In addition, the Quantum Disc is made of high-quality material glass, please handle it with care.

The lifespan of a Quantum Disc is 5 years under normal conditions of use and storage.
The energy of the Quantum Disc lasts indefinitely and does not require recharging. But to maintain the best results, it is recommended to replace with a new Quantum Disc every 5 years.

Yes, you can use multiple Quantum Discs for decoration to balance the chakras of the human body, so as to achieve the effect of improving the overall energy of the human body.

Yes, you can share your Quantum Disc with your family members. It has also been proven by KIFA that the Quantum Disc kills bacteria, so it will not spread harmful substances even if it is shared with people with skin diseases.

Yes, Quantum Disc still retains 90% efficacy even it is broken. You can place fragments of Quantum Disc in soil or flower pots for plant nutrition. However, considering that a broken Quantum Disc may cause hurt to users, such as scratches. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase a new Quantum Disc.