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Meriwell Genki Booster


Meriwell Genki Booster is the world's first technology which adopts German microcrystalline magnetic resonance technology. Through contact with the sole of the foot, a resonant energy wave is generated, which makes the cells and blood vibrate and generates deep autonomous heat. This deep heat raises the local temperature of the tissue to 39-41.5°C, which expands capillaries and increases blood flow to 3-5 times the usual level, promotes blood microcirculation throughout the body, activates cell activity and endocrine, and improves immunity and self-regulation. It has the ability to heal (Genki), so it is called "Genki Booster", and it can promote the recovery of "Genki" by perspiration, dampness and cold release.

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Meriwell Genki Booster是世界首个引进德国显微晶质磁共振科技的技术。通过接触脚底,一种共振能量波将会产生,使得细胞和血 液振动并进行深层自体发热。这种深度的热量将身体组织的局部温度提升至39-41.5摄氏度,足以使毛细血管膨胀并将血流量增加至一般水平的 3-5倍,促进身体的血液微循环,激活细胞活性和内分泌,以及促进免疫系统和自我调节。本产品拥有治愈(元气)能力,因此命名为"Genki Booster",它可以通过排汗、祛湿祛寒来促进“元气”恢复。


  • How it works:


    People's feet are far away from the heart, and the blood circulation of the lower extremities is retrograde and upward, and the blood circulation is slow. The normal body temperature of the toes is sometimes only 25 °C.

    When Genki Booster conducts resonance energy waves from the acupoints on the soles of the feet to the human body, it flows through the whole body through the kidney, spleen, liver, stomach, gallbladder, and bladder meridians, which will form an energy phenomenon similar to "qigong", which warms the blood of the whole body, promote the blood circulation of the whole body, achieve the filling of qi and blood, and regulate the cold and damp symptoms.


    人的脚部远离心脏,而下肢的血液循环是逆向上行的,血液循环缓慢。脚趾的正常体温有时候只有25摄氏度。当Genki Booster由脚底的穴位传递共振能量波到人的身体,它将在全身流动,途径肾脏、脾脏、肝脏、胃部、胆囊和膀胱经络,以此形成类似于 “气功”的能量现象,能够暖化全身的血液,促进全身血液循环,达到气血充足,并调节感冒和湿气的症状。

  • Benefits:


    After a 30-minute session, you can experience excellent physiological results:

    1. Blood circulation is improved, fatigue is eliminated, and the spirit is radiant.
    2. Improve the pulse condition and adjust the irregular pulse condition to an almost stable state.
    3. Blood pressure improvement
    4. A comfortable warm feeling is felt all over the body, which last for hours.
    5. The body becomes light and unburdened, and can be maintained for half a day to a day.
    6. Sleep deeply and wake up refreshed in the morning.
    7. Your bowel movements will get better.
    8. Improve urinary function.
    9. Eliminate puffiness
    10. Effective eliminate or relieve pain






    1. 血液循环得到促进,疲劳得到缓解,以及精神上得到升华
    2. 改善脉搏状态并调节脉律不齐直至接近稳定状态。
    3. 改善血压
    4. 持续数小时感受到一股舒适的、穿过全身的暖流
    5. 身体变得轻盈无负担,这样的状态可维持半天至一天。
    6. 深度睡眠后,早晨神清气爽地起床
    7. 您的肠道运动变得更好了
    8. 促进泌尿系统
    9. 消除浮肿
    10. 有效消除或舒缓疼痛




  • Care Instruction:


    1. Turned off device for 3-5 minutes after every usage session.
    2. Drink warm water during therapy, to promote blood circulation and metabolism rate.
    3. Adjust the intensity of device according to user physical conditions during usage.
    4. Hypoglycemia user shall stop therapy if he feels dizzy.
    5. Users should not exposed themselves in low temperature or windy conditions during therapy.
    6. It is not recommended to take shower within 1 hour after therapy.
    7. Remove metal objects from your body before use.
    8. Sterilize the pedals before usage to avoid cross infection.


    Safety Instruction:

    1. This device is safe for home usage.
    2. The theraphy cannot substitute with ANY medical treatments.
    3. Do not dismantle the divice or attempt to perform operations that are not described in manual. All maintenance work shall be carried out by professional personnel approved by the company.
    4. Do not place device near to any water sources, and avoid operating the device with your wet hands; Do not allow any forms of liquid to spill on the device.
    5. Please unplug the power cord if not in use for long time.
    6. Do not insert any type of objects into the device, to avoid risks of fire or electric shock.
    7. Do not place the device on an inappropriate desktop.
    8. The interval between each theraphy session shall be 2-3 minutes in order to prolong the service life of the device.
    9. Please contact the company immediately, if:
      • Liquid spills on the device, or the device is exposed to rain or flood;
      • The device emits unusual smell, smoke or noises;
      • The power cord is scratched or damaged;
      • The device falls from high ground or the casing is damaged.


    1. 每次经过一段时间的使用后,将设备关机3-5分钟。
    2. 疗法过程中喝温水,以促进血液循环和新陈代谢率。
    3. 使用过程中根据用户的身体状况调整设备强度。
    4. 低血糖症的用户如果感到晕眩,应该停止疗程。
    5. 疗法过程中,用户不应该让自己处于低温或多风的环境当中。
    6. 不建议在疗程结束后的一小时内洗澡。
    7. 使用之前,先将身上穿戴的金属物品摘除。
    8. 使用之前先对脚踏板进行杀菌消毒,以免交叉感染。



    1. 本设备可在家安全使用
    2. 此疗法不能替代任何医学治疗
    3. 请勿自行拆卸本设备或试图自行操作那些未在使用手册当中列明的操作。所有维修工作应交由公司认可的专业人员进行操作。
    4. 请勿将本设备放置于靠近水源的位置,并且避免在双手湿水的情况下操作本设备;请勿让任何形式的液体泼洒于本设备上。
    5. 若长时间不使用本设备,请拔掉电源插座。
    6. 请勿将任何物品插入本设备中,以防发生火灾或触电风险。
    7. 请勿将本设备放置于不合适的桌面上。
    8. 每次疗程之间的间隔应介于2-3分钟,以延长设备的使用寿命。
    9. 如果出现以下情况,请立即联系我司:
      • 液体泼洒到设备商,或设备暴露于雨水或水灾中;
      • 本设备散发出异常味道、烟雾或噪音;
      • 电线出现刮痕或受损;
      • 设备从高处跌落或外壳受损.

  • faq:


    Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us
    an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Who cannot have Genki Booster Therapy?
    1. High fever of internal bleeding personnel
    2. People received major surgery LESS than six month.
    3. Women during their menstrual period.
    4. Implanted with metal foreign bodies (pacemakers, stents, etc.)
    5. Patients with epilepsy, mental illness, hemophilia, cerebral hemorrhage and major stroke LESS than six month.
    6. Pregnancy women and breastfeedig mum.
    7. People with severe heart, lung and kidney function issues.


    有问题吗?我们有答案。如果您有其他问题,请随时发送电子邮件至 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    谁不适合进行Genki Booster疗法?
    1. 发高烧、内出血的人士
    2. 近六个月之内接受过大型手术的人士
    3. 月经期间的女性
    4. 体内植入过金属异物(心脏起搏器、支架管等等)
    5. 近六个月内曾患有癫痫、精神疾病、血友病、脑出血和严重中风的患者
    6. 孕妇及处于哺乳期的妈妈
    7. 面临严重心肺及肾脏功能问题的人士
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