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Oxygen and nutrients supplements, consists of 74 minerals and trace elements, 34 enzymes and 17 amino acids helps in eliminating free radical and increasing oxygen level in the body through water splitting technology. Besides, it also balances body pH, enhances nutrient absorption and boost energy and vitality.

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氧气和养分供给,包含74种矿物质和追踪元素、34种酶和17种氨基酸帮助消除自由基以及通过水解离技术增加体内的含氧 量。同时,它也能够平衡人体pH值,促进养分吸收和增强能量与活力。


  • How it works:

    How It Works?

    For adult 8 drops in 250ml driniking water/juice, 3 times per day.

    For children that are over the age of 6, simply take about 2 to 5 drops, 1 to 3 times daily.




  • Benefits:


    It helps:

    1. Unique water splitting technology, help to eliminate free radical in order to delaying aging process
    2. 95% of the nutrients in CELLFOOD to be rapidly absorbed and usable at cellular level between 30second to 3 minutes
    3. Mineral and trace elements in CELLFOOD is colloidal/ionic from, similar to bodily fluids increases the bioavailability of nutrients in CELLFOOD to every cell in the body.





    1. 特殊水解离技术,帮助消除自由基,由此延缓老化过程
    2. Cellfood当中95%的养分在30秒-3分钟之内就可以被快㏿吸收,并利用于细胞层面。
    3. Cellfood当中的矿物质和追踪元素为胶状或离子态,与人的体液相似,增加Cellfood当中的营养对于每个体内细胞的生物利用度




  • Care Instruction:

    Recommended Users

    Aware on healing crisis, or improvement response such as headaches, pain at old wound or elevated blood pressure. Do not worry as this is how Cellfood improving overall health. It is recommended that you should continue to consume it and monitor your condition within 3 months, you would be able to see good results when the treatment is completed.


    请知悉,食用本产品可能出现好转反应,如:头痛、旧伤口疼痛或血压升高。别担心,这是Cellfood正在改善您的整体健康状况。建议您应该继 续食用,并在接下来的三个月内持续监测自身状况,您将会在疗程结束后看到良好的效果。

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