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Green Propolis


Propolis is a resinous mixture that honey bees produce by mixing saliva and beeswax with exudate gathered from tree buds, sap flows, or other botanical sources.

Mainly used to repair and disinfect the beehives to prevent the intrusion of molds, bacteria or viruses

French scientist Dr. Remy Chauvin stated that there is no any bacteria can be cultivated in a beehive. Its aseptic state is comparable to a hospital operating room!

A colony of 50,000 to 60,000 bees can only produce 100 to 150 grams of propolis a year. Due to its preciosity, propolis is also known as “Purple Gold”.



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蜂胶是一种由蜜蜂通过混合其唾液和蜂蜡再加上树芽、树干液流或其它植物来源的分泌物集成后制作而成的树脂混合物。主 要用于修复和为蜂房进行杀菌,以防霉菌、细菌或病毒的入侵。法国科学家Dr. Remy Chauvin表明,没有任何细菌能够在蜂房中被 培育出来。它的无菌状态堪比医院的手术室!一个拥有5万-6万只蜜蜂的群落一年只能够生产100-150克的蜂胶。基于它的讲究性,蜂 胶也被称为“紫黄金”。


  • How it works:

    How It Works?

    Consume Directions

    Pour one sachet into 150ml of cold/warm water, stir well and enjoy. Take one to two sachets daily.



    1. Slimming - Take before meal
    2. Detox - Take after meal / 2 hours before bedtime


    建议每日口服5-10滴,大约0.25毫升-0.5毫升。建议每日摄取两次,分别在早上和傍晚,每次各5滴,请适量摄取以达到最佳效果。对于 外用,在患处滴1-2滴本产品,每日使用3次。

  • Benefits:


    It helps:

    1. Anti-bacterial
    2. Anti-fungal
    3. Anti-inflammatory
    4. Anti-viral
    5. Anti-oxidation
    6. Anti-parasitic
    7. Strengthen the immune system
    8. Protect the liver
    9. Improve digestive system
    10. Relieve sinusitis
    11. Prevent asthma
    12. Prevent uric acid
    13. Relieve sore throat
    14. Improve fertility
    15. Improve oral ulcers
    16. Improve oral diseases
    17. Improve burns condition
    18. Potential anti-carcinogenic agent
    19. Prevent gastric ulcer and relieve heartburn





    1. 抗菌
    2. 抗真菌
    3. 抗炎
    4. 抗病毒
    5. 抗氧化
    6. 抗寄生物
    7. 强化免疫系统
    8. 保护肝脏
    9. 改善消化系统
    10. 缓解鼻窦炎
    11. 预防哮喘
    12. 预防尿酸
    13. 舒缓喉 咙痛
    14. 提升生育能力
    15. 改善口腔溃疡
    16. 改善口腔疾病
    17. 改善灼伤状况
    18. 改善生殖器疱疹
    19. 预防胃溃疡和舒缓心灼热




  • Care Instruction:

    Recommended Users

    7 years old and above

    Getting sick often/weakness

    Constipation, gastrointestinal discomfort

    Three highs, high cholesterol

    Those who want to detox body

    Poor digestion

    Poor physical condition, chaotic life style, stress

    Poor skin, acne, long term accumulation of toxins in the body

    Picky eater, don't like to eat fruits and vegetables

    Regularly dinning out, late dinner

    Heart diseases






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