Discovery of

Eostre, the Goddess of Spring and Dawn, is a ruler of gestation in Greek mythology who symbolizes beauty and luxuriance. Eostre brings twilight to the world and wherever she goes, flowers bloom and grass grows, representing rebirth. The strong joy of birth she brings pushes darkness and negativity energy away, attracting only positive energy and prosperity to Earth. Our company’s core values are heavily influenced by her enchanting traits, and our purpose is to create a series of smart healthcare products that draws positive energy through innovative technology.

The Light of Repair and Rebirth

Eostre is devoted to helping people fulfill their dreams of having a self-sufficient life where physical, mental and spiritual well-being is prioritised. Eostre provides fashionable yet functional, portable energy tools that repairs your energy and magnetic field. Our energy tools extract energy from Mother Nature to deeply repair and complete your magnetic field to ignite your full potential.

Our mission & vision


To become an international brand with world-leading healthcare products.


To promote healthy living with innovative technology.